Event Data Management

In events, there are various touchpoints with your latent capacity and in the long run participant. This extent from messages, enlistment, installments, on-location registration, reviews, and the rundown goes on. However, event managers are regularly overwhelmed by undertakings, for example, report resemblance, as the information assortment is divergent and doesn't disclose to them the entire story. The absence of integrated data management makes operational and advertising learning troublesome and estimation of promoting ROI a difficult task for event managers.

We are having a significant level of mastery that can play out the best undertaking in Event data management services. We perform outbound calling efforts and can likewise occupy a stay with perfect participants and can prospect on your occasions. We are here to give the occasion the essential lift while concentrating on a portion of the significant angles like:

  • Sending securities
  • Creating new possibilities
  • Planning corner arrangements
  • Welcoming more participants
Event Data Management

If you are striving to build the enrollment pace of your events, displays, public exhibitions, meetings, and so forth., we at Ammaiya, give a totally approved exchange and event marketing list to connect with the focused on customers and high-esteem possibilities, generously improving your conversion rate. This sort of controlled event/ exposition marketing and promotion encourages you to streamline your enrollments, demand a focus on the crowd, make a pitch and convince the possibilities to get enlisted. Expanding quality greeting dependent on a precise and solid marketing list scores over the regular business-wide email impacts.

To make your upcoming seminar, trade show or PR Even a business achievement and to support your client connections, we can make customized contact list data fixated on your possibility ID across ventures and geographies.

With our event data management services, we can advance your event by:

  • Listing targeted audience
  • HTML email invitation
  • Sending marketing collaterals
  • Invitation follow-up either through email or telephone
  • Generating new prospects
  • Scheduling booth appointments
  • Post-event appointment setting and lead generation
  • Post-event/webinar follow-up
  • Lead Qualification and prospecting
event Management Data Entry Services

Ammaiya offers you complete and extensive Event Data Management Services for your gatherings, shows, online courses, and other such key summits and occasions directly from sending the greeting, refreshing the result utilizing your CRM or some other deals the sales management system, scheduling follow-up and reminder calls/ emails, and ultimately ensuring that your target audiences, turn in.

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