Data Analytics

In the present data-driven business world organizations and associations depend vigorously on information investigation to settle on speedy and all around educated choices. Analysis of data additionally causes organizations to limit hazards and boost benefits. Data analytics has a lot of difficulties - above all else, you have to have a hands-on understanding of the most recent apparatuses and innovation utilized all the while. At that point, you need to manage issues of protection and information security. As data analytics is a progressing procedure, you need a devoted group to deal with this capacity. Every one of these elements adds to your expense and hamper efficiency. Ammaiya encourages you to beat every one of these difficulties by giving quality data analytics services at a reasonable cost.

Data Management and Analytics

We offer data management and analytics services. Our expert Data Analysts can synchronize our diagnostic solutions with the key, strategic, and operational objectives of your association. Contingent upon your business needs, we can offer you Prescriptive Analytics utilizing information and models to enhance your pending business choices, Predictive Analytics to gauge likely future results, and Descriptive Analytics to prepare your future by exploring your past occasions.

data analytics Services

Data analytics assists organizations with changing over their authentic and ongoing, conventional and huge information into noteworthy bits of knowledge. For a long time, Ammaiya has been offering organizations a far-reaching unit of data analytics services to improve their dynamic procedure and win the opposition.

We provide Data Analytics Services to organizations over a scope of businesses, for example, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Banking, and Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, and so forth.

Our data analytics service offerings include:

  • Business and Financial Research
  • Effective Data Intelligence, Reporting and Presentation
  • Market Research
  • Domain Based Analytics in multiple verticals

We are ready to implement our best data analytics practices to empower companies with informed decision-making in the following business areas:

  • Financial Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Asset Analytics
  • HR Analytics
data analytics Services
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