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PhoneGap, now known as the Cordova app is an open source development framework operated by the Adobe which is used for developing ios / android applications. Cordova mobile app makes hybrid apps through JavaScript, CSS and HTML by reusing certain web Solutions skills. We offer PhoneGap / Cordova application development services to fabricate wonderful and exceptionally useful applications with native performance, expressive and adaptable UI, inside less development time for portable, web, and desktop.

We know how to transform your application idea into a productive application. Our developers counsel you on product and PhoneGap / Cordova developers code your application on the open-source development framework, guaranteeing a fast stacking pace of 60 fps. With regards to building the easy to understand PhoneGap / Cordova mobile application in Android and iOS, our team takes a shot at a solid mobile UI structure and conveys top-class cross-platform development services.

phoneGap or cordova App Development

PhoneGap or Cordova app also provides a plugin facility which enables the apps to use certain native device capabilities which are inaccessible to the general pure web apps. Moreover, it also provides certain additional third party tools which help in debugging ,testing and managing the apps.

PhoneGap / Cordova depends on object-situated and basic programming ideas that empower our software engineers and designers to make a profoundly responsive UI and client experience for application clients with a quicker time to advertise.

Being a leading PhoneGap / Cordova app development company in India, Ammaiya has picked up a mastery over this developing innovation as of late presented by Google. Our master developers have done monstrous research and use their long stretches of understanding to manufacture remarkable mobile applications across iOS and Android utilizing PhoneGap / Cordova .

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

PhoneGap Application Development

Our PhoneGap or Cordova cross-platform application development services consolidate our best in class solutions with the PhoneGap / Cordova characteristics, for example, quick development, expressive UI, native performance, amazing visuals, and cost-effectiveness to ensure you get the best app in less time and cost. PhoneGap / Cordova is exceptionally adaptable, so our software engineers can create mobile applications for any business vertical including travel, entertainment, banking and account, gaming, food, retail, internet-based life, and more.

Why you should choose to move to PhoneGap / Cordova ?

As of now we've seen the rise of different mobile systems like React Native, Xamarin and AngularJS that help make it simpler to create these digital experiences. Recently we’ve seen another player enter the game — Google’s PhoneGap / Cordova .

What is PhoneGap / Cordova ?

PhoneGap / Cordova is a free and open source Adobe mobile UI framework which provides a fast and an expressive way for developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android. PhoneGap / Cordova was introduced in May 2011 developed by Adobe.

Phonegap App Development Company India

Ammaiya is a phonegap development company that offers phonegap development services such as phonegap mobile application development or phonegap app development. With our phonegap app development services we have satisfied many clients around the world.

PhoneGap which is an open source development framework enables web developers at Ammaiya to build cross platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. These applications are packaged like native applications with open standards and are not truly web based. The PhoneGap apps interact with mobile device hardware unlike the normal mobile apps.

Cordova Application Development Company

Invest less time and efforts and save on application development cost by leveraging the capability of Cordova Application Development that is, write single code and reuse it across multiple platforms. Outsource cordova application development services to Ammaiya and get advantage of cordova mobile app development such as:

  • Improve User Engagement
  • Boost Business ROI
  • Improved Time To Market

With PhoneGap developers can build applications in JavaScript, HTML and CSS which give access to device hardware and other iOS API features like contacts, file system, camera, microphone, GPS, etc.

Hire Cordova Developers

Hire the skilled and expert Cordova Developers form Ammaiya. We will help you throughout the project. No matter where you are in the planning process our experts are happy to help you. Our expert consultants discuss your plans & challenges, evaluate your existing web or mobile apps or even make some initial recommendations. Our expert team of Cordova developers is proficient in developing fantastic mobile applications that can help in growth of your business.

Our teams of experts have experience and knowledge in working across retail, ecommerce, hospitality, manufacturing and other diverse industries. We are committed to providing an enriching and unique customer experience.

Come and partner with us to mobilize your business ideas.

Why Outsource Mobile Application Development Services and Web Design & Development Services to Ammaiya?

As one of the top Web and Mobile App Development Company in Delhi NCR Ammaiya offer various advantage to its customers. Our expert development team has development various we and mobile applications and thus expert in handling projects of diverse complexities. Checkout more reasons to hire our web & mobile app development team –

  • We understand Business Requirements

  • In-Depth Domain Knowledge

  • We follow Result-Driven Approach

  • Highly Creative Motivated and Expert Professionals

  • Assure Quality & Security

  • We Sign NDA with client

We have been offering Web and Mobile Application Development Services since 2014 and earned amazing clients.

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