Product Data Management

Ecommerce stores have a bounty of data describing an item. Nonetheless, having updated information is a major issue as bunches of information get made consistently on different sites. Particularly, in a B2B circumstance, the clients are more pulled in to the coherent data about the item with information than the enthusiastic parts of the item represented by pictures.
Product data management (PDM) is the use of software to manage product data and process-related information in a single, central system. This information includes CAD data, models, parts information, manufacturing instructions, requirements, notes and documents.Choosing the right PDM programming can furnish an organization in any industry with a strong establishment that can be effortlessly ventured into a full product lifecycle management stage.
Keeping up exact product data in back-office systems has consistently been significant, yet with most ecommerce systems now taking data feeds directly from the back office, this has gotten considerably increasingly basic. These days with an ever-increasing number of individuals buying items on the web, it is basic that the product data your clients see is both precise and significant.
Our Product Data Management Service experts have extraordinary skills in working with information in a rundown, database or spreadsheet organizes and can give the finished precise information in the configuration according to your inclinations. We can include the information onto your ecommerce site for every product separately and can transfer it in mass as well. Ammaiya offers the best quality types of assistance to guarantee that you acquire the greatest deals.

Below are the tasks we undertake under Product Data Management Services

  • Data Classification
  • SKU Development
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Data Cleansing
  • Matching & De-duplication
  • Enrichment
  • Standardization
  • Migration

We understand that an extraordinary platform isn't sufficient. You need a strong partner that will assist you with becoming your ebusiness in a financially savvy and shrewd way. We're here to go about as an augmentation of your business, when and where required, to guarantee your prosperity. Send us your product data updates and we'll have them to advertise in a small amount of the time and remove the hassle from your staff once and for all.

Product Data Classification

Ammaiya helps you come up with a good product data classification system, ensuring that products are properly and consistently recognized.

Taxonomy Development

Better Taxonomy Development prompts quicker shopping, lending your clients a total view and rapid route to the product data they need.

Product Data Cleansing

Clean Product Data constantly prompts higher benefits, while sporadic information may cause you to lose your clients.

Product Data Normalization

Ammaiya represents considerable authority in normalizing E-Commerce information from different sources, clinging to characterized necessities, and guaranteeing the right solution and definitions.

Product Data Matching and De-duplication

We encourage you to distinguish coordinating items or SKUs over various E-Commerce inventories to de-copy or accommodate your lord item list.

Product Data Enrichment

Ammaiya will assist you with improving your product information, and inspire your clients to move from search to purchasing.

Product Data Standardization

Offering data support to E-Commerce stores universally for longer than 6 years, PDM experts at Ammaiya have effectively taken a shot at essentially a wide range of information normalization undertakings.

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