Matching & De-duplication

If you are searching for a clean database that can give you boundless records, our Data Matching and De-duplication software will unquestionably help you a great deal. Ammaiya will help you straightforwardly with respect to your database to recognize the duplicates and give you the affirmation that your information is effectively organized and will be liberated from any duplication. We can assist you with how to manage the boundless number of records that you have in a brief timeframe.
With our product, you will think that its simple to utilize and can legitimately divergent a few information sources and can distinguish and match the duplicate mailing files and database and can provide you a single customer view in which you can trust.
With Ammaiya acting as your outsourcing collaborator for data cleansing services, you're satisfied that your database remains refreshed, exact and approved. With our standard, submitted data cleaning and joined database management services, you're certain to snap business directs everyplace you set hands on.
At the point when you start an ecommerce business, you focus on the design, functionality, and content to offer your clients' most extreme precision and great shopping experience. But, when your business develops, your focus goes to other basic operational areas to keep your clients fulfilled and upbeat. In this scenario, you need help from an accomplished and qualified ecommerce catalog management organization that can manage your developing product database to keep up its realness and predominance. At Ammaiya, we give ecommerce product data matching and de-duplication services to help you in enhancing the product information of your online store with an elevated level of exactness.

At Ammaiya, we offer data deduplication services to guarantee that there are no duplicate entries in the database, with the goal that you don't squander your cash or endeavors, or seem unprofessional, by utilizing repetitive information to put together your choices with respect to, or reaching a similar individual on various occasions. That is the reason it becomes mission-basic to expel or accommodate records that visit your database. Correspondingly, to keep up the holiness of your basic information we additionally offer a large group of Data Matching and Mapping Services.

Data Matching and Deduplication Process

Data Matching
Data Merging
Data Purging

Our team Data Merging and Integration Services collate your data from various sources and make accessible to various stakeholders.

Why Database Deduping?

Data deduplication can benefit your organization in numerous ways like;

  • Unwavering quality, data security and data integrity
  • Incorporated back-up information
  • Enhanced performance stemming from capacity optimization, scaling, and speedy back-up systems
  • Quick transmission of data in the system
  • Limits data transfer capacity utilization
  • Successful data recuperation (in case of data debasement)
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